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There’s no question that Bowel Cancer Screening saves lives. A/Prof Pavey strongly believes and advocates for advance screening for Bowel Cancer. In response to the rapid increase in the number of patients who will participate in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program as well as other Gastrointestinal Cancer Screening Programs this year, A/Prof Pavey offers Rapid Access/Direct Access Endoscopy to private or self-funding patients who meet specific health criteria.

A/Prof Pavey believes that this service will better support you as the primary care doctor in your quest to provide expedient, safe and expert healthcare to your patients. Rapid/Direct Access to screening endoscopy provides patients with reduced wait-times and greater peace of mind.

For more information on the National Bowel Cancer Screening program and protocols and your role in this effort, please see the Cancer Council Australia Website:


Why Refer to A/Prof Pavey

  • Your referral is reviewed within 24 hours of receipt; any procedures necessary can be arranged within the week.
  • A specialist to the specialists, A/Prof Pavey is often referred complex cases by other gastroenterologists, specialists and surgeons for his experience and expertise in the management of GI malignancies.
  • As a strong advocate for screening for the early detection of cancers, A/Prof Pavey provides a fast-track option for eligible patients for screening gastroscopy or colonoscopy
  • A/Prof Pavey is driven by providing a high level of care to his patients and high level of service to clinicians through:
    • Immediate (within 24 hr) review of referrals
    • Same-day endoscopy reporting
    • GI Nurse support to patients as well as their healthcare providers
    • Conscientious patient case management
    • Direct-to-Procedure (Direct Access/Rapid Access) booking options for patients requiring routine surveillance
  • As a co-author of the guidelines for the Cancer Council of NSW for the Treatment of Barrett’s Esophagus, A/Prof Pavey is considered an Australian leader in the management and treatment of Barrett’s Esophagus.
  • A/Prof Pavey both trains and accredits other endoscopists in gastroscopy, colonoscopy, EUS and ERCP 
  • For convenient access, A/Prof Pavey runs endoscopy lists in several private hospital locations throughout Sydney:
  1. Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (RPA);
  2. St George Private Hospital;
  3. Macquarie University Hospital.


How Quickly Can My Patient Arrange A Procedure With A/Prof Pavey?

Patients can usually arrange to have their screening endoscopy with A/Prof Pavey within 30 days; Urgent endoscopies can be done within a week / 7 days. A/Prof Pavey has added additional endoscopy lists in a conscious effort to reduce the wait periods for screening endoscopies. A Referral Template found here [Insert link to RTF or PDF], can be completed and faxed to (02) 8583-3082 or emailed to

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact our Practice Nurse, Elisabeth Stratton, on 9707-3523.

Does My Patient Qualify For Rapid/Direct Access? An At-A-Glance Indicative Eligibility Checklist
  • Patient is under 80 years old
  • Patient is clinically stable (no serious cardiac issues)
  • Patient is on limited or no medications

Patients will be assessed by a clinician for Rapid/Direct Access on a case by case basis

What About My Medicare-Only Patients ? (Public Hospital:  Concord Hospitals)

Referrals through our practice are reviewed by a clinician and triaged within 24 hours in the same manner for all patients. The only difference may be how quickly public patients may be able to have their procedure, as we are subject to Public Hospital guidelines and their respective waitlist criteria.

If your patients opt to go through Concord Hospital as Medicare-only Patients, they will need to attend a pre-admission appointment with us to complete an admission review and to complete their hospital paperwork.  There is a flat-rate consultation charge for this appointment which may or may not be rebated by Medicare. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to bulk bill or offer pensioner discounts. Please be aware that we have no ability to select specific dates for Concord hospital for your patient’s endoscopy procedure. These lists are managed within the hospital systems and are outside of our control. A/Prof Pavey will ensure that patient recommendations for admission are categorized appropriately.

Billing Policy

We will always consider special circumstances. However, to keep up with the costs of running a specialist practice and providing high quality care, we are no longer able to offer bulk billing or pensioner concessions. However, most of our services attract a Medicare rebate.

If you are particularly concerned about a patient and their ability to access high quality and timely care, please contact our rooms to discuss the options with the practice nurse or practice manager on (02) 9707-3523 before sending through the referral. We will always endeavor to find the best option for patient care.

» Download referral template