Gastroenterology | Endosonography | Interventional Endoscopy

Sydney Gastroenterology is a Sydney-based Gastroenterology and Advanced Interventional and Therapeutic Endoscopy practice with specific focus in the endoscopic diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal cancers. The practice strongly advocates for bowel cancer screening and other cancer screening programs, and offers fast-track options (Rapid Access) for screening purposes.

Sydney Gastroenterology offers endoscopy services at a number of facilities where A/Prof Pavey  runs private lists. These include Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Macquarie University Hospital, and St. George Private Hospital.

For Patients

We provide all patients with an expedited clinical review of your referral and health history to ensure your case is assessed in a timely manner. We offer a private Rapid Access service to endoscopy as an option for qualifying patients which reduces the wait time for a procedure.

For Referring Doctors

Your referral is¬†reviewed within 24 hours and triaged for urgency; and your patient will be contacted directly for an appointment. Any urgent referrals are¬†reviewed and actioned same day. You may¬†send your referral by secure message, fax, email, or mail. Our helpful staff are¬†available at all times to answer your questions or discuss the management of¬†your patient’s case.