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Endoscopy literally means to ā€˜look insideā€™.

Endoscopy describes a number of types of procedures, usually performed by specialists such as Dr Pavey. An endoscopy enablesĀ Dr PaveyĀ to view the inside of the digestive tract in detailĀ and is often used as a diagnostic tool. In some cases, endoscopy procedures can be successfully used in the treatment of conditions, thereby avoiding the immediate need for surgery.

Dr Pavey providesĀ the following endoscopy procedures through his practice at Sydney Gastroenterology including: RFA for Barrett’s Esophagus; EUS; ERCP; Gastroscopy; Colonoscopy; EMR; ESD; FTR; Confocal Endoscopy; Flexible Sigmoidoscopy.

Dr Pavey – in consultation with your referring doctor – will determine the most appropriate procedure for you for the safest and most beneficial outcome.