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Endoscopy literally means to ‘look inside’.

Endoscopy describes a number of types of procedures, usually performed by specialists such as A/Prof Pavey. An endoscopy enables A/Prof Pavey to view the inside of the digestive tract in detail and is often used as a diagnostic tool. In some cases, endoscopy procedures can be successfully used in the treatment of conditions, thereby avoiding the immediate need for surgery.

A/Prof Pavey provides the following endoscopy procedures through his practice at Sydney Gastroenterology including: RFA for Barrett’s Esophagus; EUS; ERCP; Gastroscopy; Colonoscopy; EMR; ESD; FTR; Confocal Endoscopy; Flexible Sigmoidoscopy.

A/Prof Pavey – in consultation with your referring doctor – will determine the most appropriate procedure for you for the safest and most beneficial outcome.