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In our effort to provide you and your patients expedient care, we ask for as much information as possible in advance. We provide a quick referral form here for your convenience. Please include any results from recent tests.

Download Referral Forms Here Ā»

Our Process

All referrals are reviewed before patients are provided with an appointment for consultation or procedure. Referrals are reviewed within 24 hours and are triaged according to clinical need. You will receive an acknowledgement of your referral as soon as it has been reviewed.

This process ensures that all patients are clinically reviewed and managed appropriately and expediently.

Urgent Referrals

Please call usĀ to discuss arrangements for urgent referrals on (02) 9707-3523.

Sending Referrals

Referrals can be sent to us by fax, email or mail, in-person or by secure messaging (Healthlink).

We provide referral templates above for your convenience.

Secure Messaging

Sydney Gastroenterology uses secure messaging services such as HealthlinkĀ  to ensure the privacy of patient information. We provide our secure messaging addresses here:

Healthlink EDI = sydgidoc

Out-of-Town Patients

We are able to provide a remote consultation (telehealth) service forĀ patients. This service attracts a Medicare rebate if conducted via Skype or Facetime.

Consultations by telephone (without video) can be arranged but cannot be rebated by Medicare.


Patients can usually arrange to have their screening endoscopy with A/Prof Pavey within 5 days; Urgent endoscopies can often be done within 1-3 days. A/Prof Pavey has added additional endoscopy lists in a conscious effort to reduce the wait periods for screening endoscopies.

A referral template found here can be completed and faxed to (02) 9709-5637 or emailed to You may also use your own referral template.

If you have any questions about the process or how we can best support the care of your patient, please contact our helpfulĀ staff on (02) 9707-3523.